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Other Services and Fees

Effective July 1, 2009


Account Information

Reconcilement $25/hr., 1 hour min.
Microfilm Research $25/hr., 1 hour min.

Account Services

Check Printing $1/page
Collection Items $15 per item (10 day hold)

Check Cashing

Non-Customer $3

Coin Counting

Customer 1% of total
Non-Customer 3% of total

Contract Collection

Setup $25 per contract
Processing $3 per payment

Fax Services

1-5 Pages $3
6+ Pages $.50 each

Safe Deposit

Key Deposit $20 for 2 keys
Key Replacement $15 each
Late Fee $5/month over 60 days
Drilling Fee $100 plus costs


Instant Statement $2 each
Copies $3 per statement
Research Time $25/hr 1 hour min.
Item Copy $3 per page

Wire Transfer

Foreign $45 per wire
Outgoing $15 per wire
Incoming $10 per wire


Copies $.20 per copy
Garnishments $30 per occurrence
Levies $30 per levy
Notary Service $3 per document
NSF Item $15/item, $60/day max
Stop Payment $20/item (6 month) w/ tax
Stop Pay Debit Card Transaction $35/item (6 month)
Return Item Fee/Not On Us



MICR Exception Fee $3/item
Money Orders $3 each
Shazam Debit Card Replacement

$5 1st or 2nd card

$10 3rd card

Intermediary Fee $350 max or 1% of transaction
Early Account Closing (within 60 days of account opening) $25
Negative Balance Closing Fee $30